Residents of the U.K. know the Holiday Season has officially begun when they see the John Lewis Christmas ad. For years, the department store has produced emotional ads that would leave the Grinch holding back tears. This year, however, the world was presently surprised.

Almost anyone you speak to will say that 2016 has been an interesting year. From several high-profile deaths (including Alan Rickman and David Bowie) in the first few months to Brexit and the U.S. Election, this year has had its share of frustrating moments. That is exactly why John Lewis decided to give consumers a break, and remind them of the joy of “giving the perfect gift at Christmas”.



The ad starts with Buster the Boxer watching his little girl jumping on the bed on Christmas Eve. The Mother tucks the little girl into bed, then watches the Father build a trampoline in the yard. In the night, two foxes, a badger, and a squirrel sneak onto the trampoline. Buster watches them joyfully jump from inside, growling in frustration. Cut to Christmas morning. The little girl finally sees her present and is overjoyed. As she runs towards it, however, Buster pushes past her to finally enjoy his moment on the trampoline.


TV isn’t the only way that John Lewis is sharing the Holiday Cheer. The store is selling stuffed animals of Buster and his animal friends to benefit The Wildlife Trust in the U.K. Also, shoppers at the Oxford Street store in London can live the experience thanks to a VR in the children’s department that allows them to bounce with the animals. Fans can also become Buster himself thanks to a Snapchat lens.


The U.K. has fallen in love with Buster, and so has the world.  Since it was posted on the company’s Facebook page two weeks ago, it has 33 million views and has been shared 886,000 times. It may be safe to say that John Lewis’ optimism has brought a little Christmas Spirit back to the world.

Click Here to watch the ad.



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