Last year, Starbucks faced surprising backlash when they introduced their plain red Holiday cups. Critics accused them of removing what made up the holiday season, such as Christmas trees and snowflakes. This year, the coffee chain has taken a personal approach to counter last years’ bad press.

Many consumers saw the red cup as a canvas rather than an attack on the Holiday season. People began posting photos of their coffee creations, and Starbucks took notice. The company decided to call for submissions for the 2016 Holiday Cup. Consumers responded beautifully. Here are the designs that were chosen:


This is a great example of engaging with consumers. According to an article on, Starbucks received more than 1,200 submissions from 13 countries. That is a lot of posting, sharing, and conversation among the community. If current conversation is any indicator, it’s also a great way to improve sentiment. Starbucks is proving to its consumers that they value their input, and their talents. Though it is early in the Holiday season, it seems that Starbucks has regained its Holiday throne.

Starbucks Instagram

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